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Gallbladder Cancer Treatment and Surgery

Gallbladder cancer is a rare disease, but our surgical oncologists have extensive training and experience in treating this type of cancer. Different surgical options include:

  • Partial liver resection and lymphadenectomy: In most cases, it’s necessary to remove the gallbladder and a portion of the adjacent liver to ensure that the cancer has been completely excised. It is also critical to remove the surrounding lymph nodes for proper staging assessment.
  • Bile duct resection and hepaticojejunostomy: This procedure is performed if the tumor has spread past the gallbladder into the main bile duct. The bile duct is completely resected, and a new connection is made to the intestines to allow for normal bile flow.
  • Hepatic trisegmentectomy: In patients with larger gallbladder tumors, more extensive liver resection and bile duct reconstruction may be required to ensure clear margins.